Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ex's are dicks ooo yaaa!

Did it make it seem that this whole blog was gonna revolve around the three hoes? Well sorry bout that cuz IT'S NOT!!!!! Excuse my bitchyness but I'm in a really shitty mood. Let me explain what happened from the veeery beginning... So in the summer me and my friend Roxy went to the pool. Where there were diving boards. So as I'm waiting in line I notice this suuuper gorgeous guy in front of me. So knowing me, I started to talk to him! Soon it was my turn to go off the diving board then his. When he swam up to me after the jump I noticed he was only staring at my boobs. I thought it was just his perverted teenage guy brain but nope. As I got out of the pool to walk towards my friend she was motioning with her hands around her stomach area. I look down and... I see my top totally revealing my boob. I was so embarrassed!! Everyone was laughing at me. Except for one person. This right, Mr. Diving board guy himself. He came up to me put his arm around me and let me rant about how embarrassing it all was. Things went well after that, and I soon got his number. A few months after he asked me out and we started a successfully, happy relationship. We went through so much! But about 4 months later he started paying attention to other girls... I was being the regular bitchy girlfriend so he dumped me and got a new gf. After he realized how hurt I was offered for us to be "close" friends. Close including say that we love eachother and we could still kiss. Things were amazing at that point! Then there's today when he decided to be a total basterd and call it off for no reason. What a douche bag hey? So that's why I'm pissed off. I'd better go make my weapon so I can bash him over the head so bye everyone!! Ps. Don't become close friends with your ex. Love ya all!! Stay tuned for tomorrow!
-Star Houston <3 :*
Pps. Sorry but because of my shitty mood there will be no secrets of the hoes. Sorry

Monday, 25 February 2013

We are never ever ever, gonna be fucking friends again.

Hey everyone! Soo... Where did we leave off! Oh yes, of how ALL my precious secrets got spilled. Well you wanna know what happened after that day? Well here it goes... No judging but I... FUCKIN FORGAVE 'EM!!!!! Why did I do that? Cuz I'm too damn nice and wanted to keep them. Worst mistake of my liiiiife! Things were goin okay after that, and I was happy as could be. Then... Last Friday our friendship completely ended. Let's see, your probably thinking that I must of done something terrible to them in order to lose them for good, and ya. Maybe your right. Maybe your not. Or maybe, it's half and half. Tell ya guys tomorrow!! By the way, PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! Love ya all have a good sleep!! Sorry for my short entry, it's just ya know... A little something called homework. Byeee!
Whore- She has ADHD
Skank- She dated a total greased who like NEVER washed his hair
Slut- She once dated 2 guys at the same time
Love ya all!!
-Star Houston <3 :*

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Careful who ya trust!

I'm baaack! After moping in my bed all day crying about my no longer exiting social life I decided to drag myself out of my bedroom and tell my Internet friends about it. Well, let's start off on how this all came to be. Beginning of the school year was amazing. I made three of the bestest friends ever. They were always there for me and could trust them with anything! We would spend hours just telling eachother everything about us. But one day, my other friend (we will call her Roxie) came up to me almost in tears. She explained that she heard Whore, Skank and Slut talking absolute shit about me. I looked at her like "what the fuck" cuz I knew they would never do that! Boy was I wrong... All my secrets were around the school, and only three people had known.
Whore- She has a boyfriend who lives in NYC and they always talk about sex.
Skank- She cutts herself and blames it on her cat
Slut- She is bisexual and tried to fucking hit on me. Like hello, I'm straight.
That is all thanks for listening and stay tuned for tomorrow :) careful who ya trust!! Love ya all.
Star Houston xox <3 :*

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Intro to... Me...?

Okay... So this isn't gonna be one of those boring blogs. No, this is gonna be the real thang! Of how the 3 hoes ruined my life. Sound good? Well, if it doesn't then you don't have to read. So ya all the haters, the x button is at the top of the page! How rude of me, I'm Star Houston by the way. In junior high living the miserable life. I'll be including some secrets of the bitches at the end of each post. We will refer them to as Whore, Skank and Slut. Alrighty then! Stay tuned for my post tomorrow! Love ya all!
-Star Houston xox <3